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Authors in Education

Authors in Education
Last Name Author Articles Works Related Disciplines
Audley Shannon Audley Shannon Audley (7) 7


Intrator Sam M. Intrator Sam M. Intrator (3) 3


Felder Gary Felder Gary Felder (2) 2


Engineering Physics, Physics
Tomaso Cara C. Tomaso Cara C. Tomaso (2) 2


Felder Richard M. Felder Richard M. Felder (2) 2


Engineering Physics, Physics
Zamboanga Byron L. Zamboanga Byron L. Zamboanga (2) 2


Mule Lucy W. Mule Lucy W. Mule (2) 2


Dietz E. Jacquelin Dietz E. Jacquelin Dietz (2) 2


Engineering Physics, Physics
Shea Kevin M. Shea Kevin M. Shea (2) 2


Chemistry, Psychiatry and Psychology
Iwasaki Noriko Iwasaki Noriko Iwasaki (1) 1


East Asian Languages and Societies, Japanese Studies
Raine Lynn Raine Lynn Raine (1) 1


Higher Education, Social Work
Pole Nnamdi Pole Nnamdi Pole (1) 1


Aloisio Kathryn Aloisio Kathryn Aloisio (1) 1


Kumagai Yuri Kumagai Yuri Kumagai (1) 1


East Asian Languages and Societies, Japanese Studies
Ramos Jeremy Ramos Jeremy Ramos (1) 1


Shea Vanessa Shea Vanessa Shea (1) 1


Educational Administration and Supervision, Student Counseling and Personnel Services, Urban Education
Olthuis Janine V. Olthuis Janine V. Olthuis (1) 1


Olivo Richard F. Olivo Richard F. Olivo (1) 1


Grubb Alicia M. Grubb Alicia M. Grubb (1) 1


Computer Sciences, Data Science, Engineering
Etheredge Susan Etheredge Susan Etheredge (1) 1


Biology, Geology
Curran H. Allen Curran H. Allen Curran (1) 1


Biology, Geology
Blumenthal Heidemarie Blumenthal Heidemarie Blumenthal (1) 1


Wallace Elizabeth Marie Wallace Elizabeth Marie Wallace (1) 1


Borsari Brian Borsari Brian Borsari (1) 1


Leandro Sarah Lynne Leandro Sarah Lynne Leandro (1) 1


Secondary Education
Kitschelt Isabel X. Kitschelt Isabel X. Kitschelt (1) 1


Economics, Higher Education, Women's Studies
Grenier Kelcie Grenier Kelcie Grenier (1) 1


Tenbergen Bastian Tenbergen Bastian Tenbergen (1) 1


Computer Sciences, Data Science, Engineering
Callaghan Elizabeth Callaghan Elizabeth Callaghan (1) 1


Biology, Geology
Fleck George Fleck George Fleck (1) 1


Gilley Jenna Lee Gilley Jenna Lee Gilley (1) 1


Literature in English, North America, Ethnic and Cultural Minority, Medicine and Health Sciences
Ham Lindsay S. Ham Lindsay S. Ham (1) 1


Daun Marian Daun Marian Daun (1) 1


Computer Sciences, Data Science, Engineering
Bui Ngoc Bui Ngoc Bui (1) 1


Chen Yalin Chen Yalin Chen (1) 1


East Asian Languages and Societies, Educational Methods
Kunzman Robert Kunzman Robert Kunzman (1) 1


Singer Alexandra Francis Singer Alexandra Francis Singer (1) 1


Cohen Rosetta Marantz Cohen Rosetta Marantz Cohen (1) 1


Cohen Robert Cohen Robert Cohen (1) 1


Peckol Paulette M. Peckol Paulette M. Peckol (1) 1


Biology, Geology
Martin Jessica L. Martin Jessica L. Martin (1) 1


Kwo Ora W.Y. Kwo Ora W.Y. Kwo (1) 1


Cheung Floyd Cheung Floyd Cheung (1) 1


English Language and Literature, Higher Education, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Yahoub Natassia Yahoub Natassia Yahoub (1) 1


Ellis Glenn Ellis Glenn Ellis (1) 1


Psychiatry and Psychology
DiBartolo Patricia Marten DiBartolo Patricia Marten DiBartolo (1) 1


Psychiatry and Psychology
Valdebenito Mario Valdebenito Mario Valdebenito (1) 1


East Asian Languages and Societies, Educational Methods
Marshall Chloe Marshall Chloe Marshall (1) 1


Community Health, Educational Methods, Environmental Public Health
Hsueh Yeh Hsueh Yeh Hsueh (1) 1


Rudnitsky Alan Rudnitsky Alan Rudnitsky (1) 1


Psychiatry and Psychology
Nickerson Leslie A. Nickerson Leslie A. Nickerson (1) 1


Yokum Annika L. Marques Yokum Annika L. Marques Yokum (1) 1